Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Countdown to Ghana 2012!

Only a few days remain before we leave for Ghana. There are always so many things to do to get ready for a trip like this:
1) "Share" the Google docs emergency contact and medical evacuation list and bring hard copies in case we can't access the internet;
2) Create the coursepack and syllabus;  3) Meet with the students to answer questions and prepare them for the clinical work and cultural challenges; 4) Make sure we have all the legal documents in place, e. g., signed releases for everyone, passports, and Ghanaian visas;  5) Buy video equipment and laptop; 6) Pack copies of the releases to be signed by those in the documentary film; 7) Purchase educational materials and resources for Ghana; 8) Communicate and collaborate with our Ghanaian colleagues so everything is ready; 9) Tend to medical/health needs: malaria pills, yellow fever vaccines, well-equipped first aid kit; 10) Share the itinerary; 11) Confirm everything; 12) Etc., etc., etc.

Thanks to the Wyncote Foundation we purchased lots of educational resources and books. We will distribute most of these materials to the 54 "Unit School" teachers at their professional development retreat on January 7th. In the photo everyone is getting their share of these materials to pack.
 We are ready!!


  1. Cate and colleagues,

    Safe travels to Ghana! Look forward to hearing all the great stories and accomplishments! Take care!

  2. Fantastic! Where did you get all those great materials? Have a wonderful trip. I'll be following you!

  3. I am sending many good thoughts your way for a safe and productive trip.I will be following the blog for all the updates!

  4. Hey Shemaiah
    Cheers to you and your colleagues
    Good luck on your journey to Ghana
    Be safe and have fun
    Learn a lot and be proud as you give to others in need. Keep us all posted on your whereabouts and travails!
    Peace and Love
    Jeanne and Matt

  5. Thinking about you all on this first day! Looking forward to being along for the ride via the blog for these next couple of weeks. Happy New Year!

  6. Happy and wonderful New Year!! Am and will follow your blogs. Meanwhile take good care of yourselves and help the Ghanians.

  7. Happy new year! Hope everything you planned for goes well!

  8. Hi Shemaiah,

    Congratulations and good luck. Enjoy your new surroundings - the people and the work.
    Love and peace,
    Grandma and Grandpa