Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 4 at Korle-Bu Hospital

After breakfast, we left the hotel to Korle Bu Hospital like the past three days.  Students separated into their groups and started working with patients.  Each group saw approprixately 2-3 clients with different types of communication disorders.  Similar to the past few days, we conducted parent interview, assessed the patients, and made recommendations.  Today was less busy because George informed us that people in Ghana prefer to rest on the weekend including Friday.  Hence, there were less patients today.

Three students were assigned to the audiology clinic, where they performed hearing screenings.  Seven students visited the Reconstructive Plastic Surgery & Burn Center, where they read books to children, who had surgery.  These students visited the 5 months old baby, who had his cleft palate repaired on Wednesday.  It was observed that his grandma was feeding the child in an improper posture.  Subsequently, one student recommended and educated the grandma the proper feeding position (i.e., upright position) and food consistency (i.e., thicker liquid).  It was imperative to discuss the anatomy briefly because milk and water were coming out of the child’s nostrils.  It was reported that the child also has an opening in the secondary palate.  Therefore, the student explained how everything is connected.

After placement, we went to the Dean’s Guest House for lunch.  Our clinicial director, Miriam Baigorri, asked us to reflect on the first day and the last day, share what we learned, and what do we want to improve.  Many students thought about the questions while enjoying their lunch.  One student stated, “I learned a lot because I haven’t had a placement.  It’s so different compared to the clinic at home because we’re assigned to work with the same client throughout the semester.”  Another student replied, “I think my clinical judgment has improved significantly within the four days.”  She elaborated by saying how she exhibited difficulty identifying individuals with a disability initially.  Collectively, all students felt they have improved in making clinical judgments, conducting parent interviews, assessing the patients, and providing appropriate recommendations.  

We returned to the hotel around 3pm to pack for our next destination, Kumasi.  We all got together at 5pm to discuss tomorrow’s schedule and to prepare for the Professional Development Retreat.  Most people went to bed early because we have to wake up at 4:30am.  We are looking forward to our placements in Kumasi!!

-Yuk Lan Peng

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